Hailee Steinfeld to Make Her Way Through the Dead of Winter 

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of isolation. The notion of being completely cut off from the outside world (though appealing at times) is truly a frightening one, and Lionsgate is getting ready to exploit that with their new feature Dead of Winter.

According to Bloody Disgusting the Gate is getting behind Dead of Winter (formerly Hopscotch), a new thriller from Hopscotch Pictures and Wind Dancer Films.

Hailee Steinfeld is signed on to star as Josephine, a young girl who has recently lost her mother. She joins her family members who are thrown into conflict with each other, nature, and a crazed killer when they are isolated in their mountain home during a snowstorm. Sarah Conradt penned the screenplay.

Sukee Chew, Judd Payne and Sherryl Clark produce with a shoot date forthcoming.

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welcome to a blog for academy award nominated teen actress hailee steinfeld, best known for her role as mattie ross in the movie true grit. next up for hailee is the role of juliet in an upcoming adaption of romeo and juliet, set to be released in 2012. she has also been cast in the role of petra in the upcoming ender's game movie (2013) and has 4 more movies in the pipeline for the next few years.